Pharmamarket wins a Becommerce award

On the 18th of May, The Belgian E-commerce Association BeCommerce hosted the BeCommerce Awards Ceremony. These awards are a recognition of the e-commerce industry and consumers and they reward the best online shops of this year. The recognition is based on how innovative, creative, user friendly, secure and active those online shops are. A jury made 9 online shops very happy, but consumers had their say in the category awards and could vote for their favourite online shop.

Pharmarket logo

We're thrilled to announce that our client Pharmamarket won the BeCommerce Award for the category Beauty & Health! We're happy be part of an award winning e-commerce project and glad to have a dedicated partnership wih our customers. Seeing our clients happy makes us happy! Congratulations Pharmamarket!

Below you'll find the award winners for the other categories:

  • Car & Accessories:
  • Food:
  • Electronics:
  • House, Garden, Pets:
  • Clothing & Accessories:
  • Multimedia:
  • Hobbies:
  • Travel:
  • Financial products:
  • Telecom:
  • Beauty & Health:
  • Lingerie:
  • Footwear: