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What is the DI Summit?

The Data Innovation Summit is an annual business event that reunites all Data Science experts. This year is all about artificial intelligence (AI). Enough with the high level talks: time to show you what added value AI can bring to your business. SII Belgium will also share its insights. The DI Summit is a conference where you can meet new speakers and attend master classes & hands-on workshops. Discuss with innovation drivers and meet new people! Are you a data scientist looking for a job? No worries, there are also recruitment opportunities and a lot of people who would love to have you in their AI team.

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All the presentations and classes are determined, but we don't have the exact time slots yet. At what time during the day will Jean-Pierre & Alain be presenting? Hopefully at the best time slot, but this is only possible with YOUR help! Vote for us to get us to the top with this link and hopefully we'll get an excellent time slot for our talk!