About us

SII Belgium is an independent driven digital agency specialized in offering business critical digital solutions for your business.  It focuses on three business units: ‘E-commerce & Digital Marketing’, ‘Productivity & Collaboration’ and ‘Actionable Insights & Smart Solutions’. These business units allow us to gain expertise in different industries, such as retail, health, culture, banking, aerospace, automotive and a lot more.

SII Belgium can help you with your project on several levels and at different milestones:

  • Business consulting for strategic advice about your IT project
  • Technical consulting for technical matters
  • Project implementation, going from scope definition to graphical design, development testing and support.
  • Resources to reinforce your projects.

Our expertise

The objective of our organization is to have the latest state of the art knowledge and competence in house for all the major IT platforms and to have a clear view on existing and emerging technologies in order to respond to each customer's specific requirements. Our never changing focus is to master and stay at the forefront of the rapidly-evolving internet technologies to help our clients define and built their business critical internet solutions. This is reached through the partnerships we have with different software vendors. Our engineers have strong technical skills in building web solutions based on Microsoft, Java and open source platforms. Don’t hesitate to discover on our website what solutions, services and technologies we offer.

Building IT solutions since 1995

SII Belgium started off as Uniway in 1995. In that time, Uniway launched itself in the web world with nothing else than a lot of motivation and ten employees in the web and e-commerce world, which was still in its infancy. Being in this business for 20 years has the advantage that we have closely lived the rapidly-evolving internet world from the early ’90 up to today. Uniway was always going the extra mile. We have the experience, but we want to give young IT lovers the chance to gain the same experience and to grow with us. This happens through the combination of the trainings, advice and help from our senior engineers. Our company is highly characterized by its team spirit. Not only do we work in teams according to the technology used, but the team spirit is also cross-departmental.

SII Belgium, part of the SII Group

Uniway joined the international SII Group in 2011, an international IT group that provides technological consultancy and system integration services to large companies in the industrial, telecommunication and financial sector. The Group is active in more than 66 locations over 18 countries in the four corners of the world.

Since May 2017, Uniway changed its name to SII Belgium. The new name will enhance a uniform and standardized brand awareness towards the outside world together with the SII Group. It will also strengthen the visibility of our activities within the Group. The collaboration between the offices of this international group has increased and become stronger in the last few years.