Office 365

19 Mar 2020 Microsoft makes Teams available for everyone in times of corona

In the battle against the coronavirus, many companies are asked to make telework possible for employees. Although many companies already switched to remote work, others lack the tools. Microsoft has made MS Teams available for everyone for the coming 6 months via a trial license.

07 Nov 2019 How a digital coach helps you use Office 365 to the fullest

There are so many tools included in the Office 365 suite that can help you become more productive in your work. Discover how a digital productivity coach can help your employees use the to the fullest.

03 Oct 2019 Prepare your Skype For Business users for the migration to MS Teams

Microsoft will discontinue the support for Skype For Business on the 31st of July 2021. By then, everyone should have migrated to Microsoft Teams. Prepare your organization today for this migration to MS Teams thanks to our five-step plan to make the change process as smooth as possible.

26 Nov 2018 Parentia’s employees find all the information easily

The legislation around child allowance has changed and the employees needed a portal where they could find all the new information easily in order to help out clients with their questions.

21 Sep 2018 How reclassifying your Office 365 intranet can help

Using new tools such as Office 365 to improve productivity is one thing. But don't stop there; your strategy and way of working also needs to be re-evaluated. Read how 11.11.11 restructured their way of working to get the most out of Office 365.