What we do

Connect your people with technology

SII Belgium supports your organization by delivering IT services that make your business future proof. Whether you need help in strategy, consultancy, web development, implementation, training or maintenance, we've got you covered every step of the way. By understanding the combination of needs, drivers and interests of our customers, we strive to offer high quality IT solutions & services that match your business needs.

Application development

Work with custom developed web applications such as enterprise solutions, e-commerce, mobile solutions and more.

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Office 365

Improve the business efficiency and team collaboration within your company with the productivity tool set of Office 365.

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Integrate electronic signatures in your workflows & custom solutions with DigiSiign, a solution developed by SII.

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Bots & AI

Innovate your business models with artificial intelligence (AI) and automate your services with data-driven chatbots.

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IT Staffing

Hire your external IT professionals for your project with SII. We help you find the right IT profile to reinforce your teams on a temporary basis.

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Dynamics 365

Implement the Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications to streamline different departments in your organization & manage customer relations.

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Digital transformation

Adopt the new way of working, transform towards a digital workplace and empower your employees with the right set of Office 365 tools.

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Service desk

Our teams take care of the support and maintenance of your business applications to keep them always running.

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Make sure your business applications are always bug-free before going live thanks to our experienced testing team.

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Why choose SII Belgium as your IT partner?

We connect business and IT

IT talks bits and bytes, business talks service and revenue. We are the missing link – aka translator – between those two departments, as our #digitalists manage to help you reach decisions that are understandable for all people involved thanks to our expertise from the past.

We help you achieve decisions

Scope definition can cause a lot of discussion, especially when many stakeholders and product owners are involved. We analyse your specific needs and advise you on what other elements you should consider in the process. We help you come to a clear scope definition that will be validated by every stakeholder.

We inspire

We do not only follow trainings and use the latest technologies, but we also have a nose for upcoming trends and new tools. Our diverse teams exchange new, challenging ideas in cloud transformation and artificial intelligence. Together, we build proof of concepts of ideas we see fit and set the trend for the future development.

We use the latest technologies

We live in a fast evolving digital world. What’s new today will be old news next week. We always stay at the forefront of technologies by following regular trainings and offering permanent learning programs to our #digitalists. This allows us to quickly embrace the latest versions of the technologies used when working on your project.

We have diverse teams

Our teams are diverse and the perfect combination of wise seniors and promising juniors with an excellent group dynamic. This allows us to benefit from each other’s creativity, expertise and point of view on different matters.

We invest in a long term relationship

The era of “just implementing a solution” is over. We don’t leave you hanging there, but we take care of end-user trainings to get your employees going with the new tools and we also cover support and maintenance according to your needs. We go the extra mile for you and your project.

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16 Apr 2020
Webinar: Accelerate your digital workplace platform with Powell 365

Building a modern collaboration platform in Office 365 can be challenging and time consuming. Join our webinar to learn how Powell 365 accelerates the development of your digital workplace by using rapid prototyping. Register now!

10 Apr 2020
Tips on how to manage your environments in Power Platform

The Power Platform is becoming really popular in companies but many of them lack the strategy to manage all the environments that come with it. This blog post is the first of a 3-piece series that will give you hands on tips on how to manage your environments & define a strategy.

19 Mar 2020
Microsoft makes Teams available for everyone in times of corona

In the battle against the coronavirus, many companies are asked to make telework possible for employees. Although many companies already switched to remote work, others lack the tools. Microsoft has made MS Teams available for everyone for the coming 6 months via a trial license.

11 Feb 2020
SII Belgium hosting the BIWUG session

SII Belgium is hosting the BIWUG evening on 20/02 with some interesting sessions on how to manage your environments in the Power Platform and will give a presentation on Azure patterns for SharePoint Online solutions. Join the SharePoint O365 community by joining us next Thursday.