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Dedicated Office 365 trainings for your organization

All necessary tools are ready to roll out within your company. But how do you get your users started with the Office 365 productivity tools? How to get them on board?

Trainings are part of the adoption process. Our trainings prepare your employees for the new way of working. Our training methods are based on hands on best-practices that show how they can use the functionalities of Office 365 to the fullest. Our digital Office 365 coaches ensure a correct adoption and a productive use of Office 365. Office 365 has a lot of functionalities and users are not always aware of them. Nevertheless, these functionalities can significantly improve the productivity of your business.

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Trainings at your own pace

Office 365

Change can be difficult to implement, especially if it concerns a large company with several departments. With our Productivity Coach, you’ll be able to ensure a correct adoption of Office 365 within your organization.

Our training team prepares the trainings adapted to your objectives, the users and the Office 365 functionalities you want them to use. We provide personal key user coaching and class room trainings to end users. Our digital coaches determine in collaboration with the stakeholders the maturity of the users, the objectives and we create an adoption plan that will be the answer to your Office 365 training needs. Whatever the maturity level of your company, our digital coach has got your back.

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