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Are you in the discovery phase and do you want to know what the possibilities are with Office 365 and SharePoint? With SII Belgium, you’ll unlock the full potential of Office 365 during hands on workshops. Discover our 6 workshops to introduce you to the world of the modern workplace with Office 365.

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Discover our 6 workshops

Teams & SharePoint: Let’s Decide Now

The objective for this one day session is that you can decide how you will use these two superb tools in your companies collaboration tool offering. We show you the strengths of both Microsoft Teams chat workspaces and SharePoint Collaboration sites. Today, people want to collaborate using chat, working together on the same document etc. Both best practices as well as complex scenarios will be covered.

Modern Collaboration Powered By Office 365

This one day session is the ideal introduction to Office 365. After this session you have felt what modern collaboration means or how to connect continuously with your professional network. You see the value of homework, co-creation, responsiveness… It enables you to create your own vision for challenges like a better work-life balance or working like a network.

Discover The Business Value Of Office 365

This 1/2 day session allows you tu get acquainted with Office 365. We will shortly introduce O365 with a presentation, but then we dive into it. We “play” a day in the life at the company. You will not only see, but actually feel how O365 improves your productivity. Meet better together, work remotely, create an innovative collaboration culture, share document, work with external parties, have an interactive intranet…

Skype 4 Business: A Deep Dive session

This half day session will quick-start you. After an introduction and basic overview of the tool, we dive into the more advanced features of Skype for Business. You learn and feel how Skype works: simple, fast and powerful. The second part is all about business value. How can you become responsive as a team or company? And how to manage remote workers? We play a business game to show you the power of Skype and at the same time you will learn how you work habits and leadership will change.​

Initiate Governance With Office 365

This half-day workshop allows you to initiate the Governance around Office 365. What is Governance? What is the objective and what will Governance mean for your company? Office 365 includes a lot of tools to collaborate and communicate. It allows sharing with externals, O365 will act as your document management system. Some guidance in best practices or guidelines on how to use O365 is needed. But also, to assure that users comply to company policies and (legal) obligations.​

Adopt The Workplace Of The Future

This one day workshop shows you how to work smarter and be connected throughout t he organization. A productive workplace is the best route to this success. The Office 365 productivity tools are crucial, but getting user engagement is far more important. Attract your employees to work with the new, modern toolset, every day. They will excel in productivity or quality and have more fun at work. Learn more about user adoption and how to get your teams engaged in shaping the workplace of the future.

No time like the present to start!

It’s clear that Office 365 is not only consisting out of the traditional Office applications. Get ready to explore the possibilities of the Office 365 tools. Discover whether Office 365 is what you’re looking for, what it can do and how it fits into your organization thanks to our workshops that are based upon the most common scenarios.

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