A userfriendly .NET based website for Fidea

The insurance company emphasizes its trustworthy relationship and seeks to be transparent in the information towards the target audiences. To make sure Fidea is up to date with the latest trends concerning user experience, SII Belgium was asked to develop a new user friendly website according to the different target groups and the relevant subjects for those groups. The website of course fully meets the security and privacy measures.

fidea screen


Easy for the employees

Not only the main website was redeveleoped and redesigned. Fidea has three websites and SII Belgium took care of the redevleopment of all Fidea’s websites:, and . The previous sites were built on different platforms. This made it more difficult for the employees to manage those websites. We moved everything to Ektron CMS (a .NET based CMS), which was the best regarding the price and quality level. Next to this, we also integrated a brand new tool to send newsletters.

Easy for the brokers

To make the lives of the Fidea brokers easier, we linked the extranet to the internal applications that were available to them. In this way, the Fidea brokers can always access the same and correct information.

And easy for the clients

The Fidea clients can access the right information even much faster than before thanks to a user friendly navigation structure and a better design. The social media feeds of Fidea are also integrated in the website. This allows Fidea to show that they are much faster at the disposal of their clients. Because the websites were not updated, but fully redeveloped and redesigned, we could pay more attention to the way the website is being displayed on all kinds of (mobile) devices.

Fidea insurance