An Office 365 communication portal for Tom & Co

Tom&Co, the well-known retail chain for pet supplies, has been using a new platform for their internal communication. This tool has some custom features and has already become very popular within the organisation.

Headquarters communicates with all the 159 stores via Tom & Connect

The new communcation platform, called Tom&Connect, enables employees in the head office to share information quickly and easily with its 159 stores spread across Belgium, Luxembourg and France. They can choose to communicate in ‘bulk’ to all shops, only to shops in a certain area, or even to just one specific branch. The franchise store managers have access to a lighter version of the communication tool.

Tom & CO winkel

The information is always up to date

‘We also use the portal to announce company wide news or specific events,’ explains Delphine Sellami, Project Manager at Tom&Co. ‘It’s a very useful tool to send out a message to the stores about they daily operations such as logistics. However, it is also interesting for marketing purposes: Information about campaigns, deals, promotions, changes in the products we offer, and so on are still up to date.

The communication module

This communication solution helps all shops to have an overview of all the information on their home page of the Intranet as you can see below.

O365 portal screenshot Tom & Co

A better overview for all users

Another positive thing is that employees from the headquarters can closely monitor whether and when certain actions have been carried out by the shop managers. The portal also offers some useful functionalities such as the Store Library (for all internal documents) and the People feature (where you can look up the right people to carry out certain tasks). Finally, the tool also contains buttons for other internal communication tools, such as Yammer and applications for the accounting, checkout system, and so on.

The people at Tom & Co quickly embraced the new communication portal on Office 365. It didn’t take much effort for the people at Tom&Co to switch and everyone is very happy with it, as Delphine Sellami explains. ‘It nicely meets the needs of an organisation like ours, with lots of branches in different countries. We recently started using the system to communicate very urgent issues too. It works well!’