A Hybris e-commerce platform for Standaard Boekhandel

Standaard Boekhandel pays great attention to the customer experience in its stores. The customer is always at the center of Standaard Boekhandel’s strategy. They wanted to extend this philosophy to the online world. E-commerce has become a must for many companies in order to attend to the evolving customer’s needs. It was fairly clear: the goal was to have a user centric online shop for Standaard Boekhandel too.

A webshop on the SAP Hybris platform

SII Belgium was asked to build an e-commerce site based on the Hybris platform, together with the website on Drupal. Next to that, SII Belgium was also trusted with the operational management, project management, maintenance and evolution of the Standaard Boekhandel e-commerce platform and all its subparts. However, this is not limited to the development on Hybris platform only. It also included the development of the website on Drupal and other integrations.

Standaard Boekhandel e-commerce










A separate webshop for e-books.

SII Belgium also developed the dedicated TOLINO E-reader site, going from business analysis to the wireframes, the design and the actual implementation. Being only accessible on the TOLINO E-reader, the site offers customers the possibility to directly purchase e-books and download them immediately on their TOLINO E-reader. The TOLINO E-reader site brings the “ease of use” concept to another level. Customers can download the e-books immediately after the payment has been accepted.

Additional functionalities

Standaard Boekhandel reached more customers thanks to the e-commerce shop and continues to improve its omnichannel approach. To celebrate the release of the new e-commerce platform, Standaard Boekhandel has extended the offering of e-books, music and movies. The e-commerce sites has about 4.000.000 SKU’s online.  However, the customer is more than ever at the center of Standaard Boekhandel’s attention, which translates to a better user experience and a higher conversion ratio.