New Crelan intranet for internal communication

Crelan’s internet has grown old and it was not very efficient. Retrieving information could take a while. To store all the information more efficiently, Crelan has asked SII Belgium to develop a new intranet.

Crelan intranet

Step by step towards SharePoint

This project consisted of four main jobs that had to be carried out. First of all, a thorough analysis was performed by SII Belgium according to the needs of Crelan. The main objective was to make it easier to retrieve information through navigation and search. The integration of the intranet with Office, together with user decentralization and user adoption were also very important. Crelan wanted to fully adopt the Microsoft Office and SharePoint environment in its IT infrastructure. The new intranet is the first milestone of this migration project. Secondly, since Crelan wanted to migrate from OpenCMS to SharePoint 2013, SII Belgium was also asked to develop an automated migration of the former intranet content in order to achieve this.

A powerful search

The other two remaining jobs consisted of the design and the development of the intranet. It was clear that Crelan wanted to adopt a responsive design for its employees and clients. When it comes to the development, Crelan was pretty confident in what it was looking for in a new intranet. A migration tool was essential. It was also important for Crelan to publish site templates and to develop several content types. Some web parts needed to be customized and the intranet needed to work with integrated user profiles. And last but not least: advanced search features were also indispensable for Crelan.

SII Belgium has taken pride in helping Crelan switch to SharePoint 2013. We have reached the objectives of Crelan in a way that ensures its key values. Employees can safely get in touch with the new intranet with its benefits based on SharePoint 2013 without losing track of all the information that was already stored on the former intranet.

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