New digital label request system for Fairtrade Belgium

Fairtrade Belgium (formerly known as Max Havelaar) granted the Fairtrade label to Belgian companies to complied with strict regulations such as ingredients, packaging and sources. Requesting the Fairtrade label for a product was a difficult and long process in the past. At Fairtrade International, different countries are working with different systems to grant the Fairtrade label. This made it difficult to check all criteria in an efficient way and to accept the requests. The certificate process needed to be standardized and professionalized.

Fairtrade system

What SII Belgium has done

SII Belgium developed a transparent and user-friendly application in Microsoft Azure. By hosting the application in the Cloud, there is always access to the required information. It is always available via different channels and for different users.

First, SII Belgium began with the definition of the functional and technical requests of the front-office and the back-office applications. Our designer created the design for each page type and generated the HTML and CSS codes. Afterwards, the actual development of the application followed. SII Belgium developed the different requested functionalities for the front and the back office. This included contacts, products, transactions, search function, comparison module, content management, etc.

SII Belgium tested the application in detail before it was installed and configured in Microsoft Azure. Then, SII Belgium ensured that the go-live went fluently by providing technical documents and technical support.

A standardized digital system for various countries

Today, the request for a Fairtrade label in Belgium happens mostly automatically via a transparent digital system, developed by Fairtrade Belgium (previously Max Havelaar) and SII Belgium. Via a website, producers can consult in a simple way if their products meet the requirements in order to obtain the precious label. With the standardized digital system, processing the label requests happens more efficiently and transparently, for both the producer and Fairtrade Belgium. The Fairtrade organizations in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland also chose to follow Belgium. The purpose is to apply the Belgian digital system to the rest of the world.