A collaborative SharePoint intranet for PIDPA

PIDPA wanted to turn its static intranet into a useful, dynamic and attractive technological platform for the future. A SharePoint intranet might just be the solution.

Efficient communication for Pidpa’s employees

PIDPA has always been a company that seeks to implement the newest technologies in its activities.The same applies to the employees. PIDPA wants to turn its static intranet into a useful, dynamic and flexible platform. The aim is to implement the new SharePoint intranet in a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 environment based on a corporate information architecture.

A flexible SharePoint solution

To reach this, a specific SharePoint intranet strategy has been worked out according to the needs of PIDPA. The aim was to make the employees switch completely to the new SharePoint intranet when it comes to acquiring information. Bulging mailboxes are reducing the employees’ effectiveness. Many of those e-mails contained information that can be stored once on the intranet and can be consulted by every employee at any time. The intranet needed to become a complete and valuable communication platform.

The goal was to turn the PIDPA intranet into an intuitive and flexible portal with access to all possible intranet applications that PIDPA wants to offer to its employees. It should at the same time give the opportunity to personalize the user customized information. The intranet should serve as the starting point on the employees’ computers: it should be seen as the desktop from which all other applications can be run. It was also important to keep in mind that the data management (e.g. contact persons, product catalogues,) should be made available for other PIDPA systems too, such as the extranet.

pidpa screenshot

The e-mail inbox can breathe

SII Belgium has contributed to the usability of PIDPA’s intranet by making information more visible, its storage more structured and most importantly more accessible to its target audience. SII Belgium’s expertise in SharePoint 2013 and their ability to customise it, were essential to this project. Thanks to a flexible intranet, PIDPA’s employees are now able to access the necessary information directly, saving time in the process. PIDPA is now fitted with a responsive and dynamic intranet that serves as a full-fledged means of help and communication for employees. The stream of communication now flows more via the intranet than over e-mail. This enables employees to concentrate more on the core of their tasks. Looking up information happens more easily and the intranet is connected to PIDPA’s external systems.