Delphine’s last day as an intern

Door: Sara

Delphine sought and found an internship at SII Belgium. She was our digital marketing intern and worked on an exciting project for a customer. Her internship came to an end and it is amazing to see how much she has grown in the marketing field. Read all about her experience here:

The internship where no word is great enough to describe

In September 2017 I started my internship at SII Belgium. Until May I had the opportunity to discover this company and the #Digitalists, and I could definitely say that it is an experience I would never forget!

As an ICHEC student going for a master’s degree in Business Administration I had to find an internship. Digital marketing is my field of expertise, so I looked for an internship in a marketing department. When I went through SII Belgium’s website, I already had a good feeling. So I contacted the business unit manager, Marc, through LinkedIn. During the interview something happened. I had the feeling that I already knew Marc and his colleague Sara. I didn’t expect such a level of kindness. Marc also suggested an actual topic for my thesis. The coincidence that this topic was exactly what I dreamed about, was the trigger to sign my internship contract.

Every day a different day

During my internship I did a lot of different tasks. One part was dedicated to help the company change its name. So I helped to manage the website, to complete it, add metatags and so on. Next to that, I could put in practice what I learned at school. Among other things they taught me to launch SEA campaigns, to manage Adwords and to use tools as Mailchimp and Buffer. During the internship I was invited at four trade fairs. In fact, they gave me the responsibilities I asked for. I had a lot of freedom in terms of initiative and implications. Their objective was to teach me as much as possible, so they invited me to a lot of different internal and external meetings. Every time they asked for my opinion and took it into consideration. I felt like a real #Digitalist and sometimes forgot I was an intern.

Delphine at SII Belgium

Being responsible of a project is a way to improve quickly

On the other part, I was responsible for a whole project which was the practical case of my thesis. My thesis analyzed how persuasion marketing could improve the conversion rate optimization through A/B testing? A customer agreed to be the subject of the practical study for my thesis. For this project I had a lot of responsibilities and freedom. It is something I am really proud of. Moreover I didn’t expect to have such a great and instructive task during an internship.

At the beginning we planned a meeting with the client where I had to present which persuasion principles I wanted to implement on his website and how. Then I had to make a lot of analyses, organize a time schedule, realize those A/B tests and implement them. Finally, I analyzed the data and made a report for the client. The #Digitalists were there every time I needed support. For this project, SII Belgium gave me all the chances to succeed.  They asked for a training of an A/B testing tool in order to get acquainted with it. Next to that, Marc gave me the amazing opportunity to present the A/B testing tool and some crucial findings of my thesis alongside with him at the E-commerce Xpo at Liège.

A smile every day keeps problems away

I really had a great time. My colleagues became friends, my supervisor became my mentor. We could talk about everything and find creative ways to improve the #Digitalist vibe. Every single day we laughed and had fun.

SII Belgium meant…

… SO MUCH to me! The quantity and the quality of what I have learned was incredible. I discovered fields where a real strong passion has risen. But I also discovered a company where knowledge is shared and people can grow. I found a place where it is nice to work and people are really concerned about your feelings and perspectives. Would I recommend this company for an internship (or a job) ? Well, I think that my experience shared above is proof enough!