#LifeatSII: Meet Francesca, our .NET developer

We want our new #digitalists to feel at ease and integrate in a comfortable way in our #digitalist ecosystem. Meet Francesca, a driven woman who joined us 7 months ago as our new junior software engineer.  Discover how the first few months at SII Belgium have been for her so far.

A good start

“My first impression was really positive! All questions I had were promptly handled in a very professional manner and the climate is spontaneous and welcoming. I was hired as a .Net developer and they have a pretty large .NET development team. When I started at SII Belgium, I was immediately given the chance to be involved in a project regarding digital signatures that was related to the subject of GDPR. This allowed me to work actively from the start and take advantage of my technical knowledge as well as improve other skills.

The importance of training

There are real opportunities at SII to be fulfilled and there’s room for learning and self-development: from the beginning I was confronted with new coding languages and cloud-based technologies. I practiced with my team mates and benefited from other colleagues’ experience: You can always rely on the senior coaching when required. My colleagues are variously specialised and work in several projects. Each #digitalist has his expertise and we are complementary. We get the opportunity to develop an expertise. SII Belgium proposed to attend a technical training organized by Umbraco. After the training, I passed my exams and I became certified. I have been currently working on a new project that requires this technological knowledge and skills so that I could integrate in the team and put this theoretical knowledge in practice really fast.

A chill vibe

SII Belgium values team spirit, when working and when not: common activities are organized and several communal spaces are available to gather, have a drink or play a game, especially in the relaxation area.We dispose of modern and comfy offices where we are grouped per project team so we can work together and yet have a calm surrounding. The environment is flexible, informal and yet professional. I found the setting very pleasant and I enjoy working from the office and having a nice chat with the peers. Here’s to a long career at SII!”