Helping Vanden Borre get the most out of their e-shop

To follow the changing profile of the customer, Vanden Borre wanted to offer their goods online. More and more people have less time to go shopping for electrical goods. Next to that, a lot of people do some research online before buying things. They want to compare the goods and be free in how they buy things.

SII Belgium was asked to perform a functional analysis, the prototyping and technical consulting for the definition and implementation of the e-catalogue and e-commerce webshop. In 2011, SII Belgium effected an analysis, audit and implementation of the Vanden Borre jobs site. We analyzed the- in that time – current website and the business requirements. Next to that, we also made an analysis of the marketing objectives and the visitors’ requirements.

The e-catalogue is an interesting tool for clients. Big expenses often come with preparational research. It contains several thousands of products divided in 4 product families. Each of these product families includes categories and subcategories (in the menu) that make it for the client easier to search for the product.  The system can also make product suggestions based on the required functionalities and the price range. Subsequently, a product comparison can be made between several products.  The detailed product description does not only give detailed product information but also indicates in which store the product is available for purchase in case the visitor wants to buy the goods in a physical store. Products can be stored in a basket and purchased online via credit card payment.

We are currently still working in close collaboration with Vanden Borre and extending the e-shop and other e-commerce solutions. Next to that, SII Belgium also developed the mobile website and recently gave it a renewed design.

And many more...