AI4Business Summit

Artificial Intelligence applications are entering our business at a fast pace and are raising the bar for work efficiency. How can it be beneficial to your business and your employees?

The AI 4 Business Summit is the hotspot conference for the updates and insights on artificial intelligence (AI). The whole day will be moderated by scientist and tv-host Lieven Scheire and includes many speakers such as Omar Mohout and the CTO of Microsoft Belux. Several experienced data scientists and AI experts will show you what AI can mean to your business. Our very own Alain Goossens will be giving a presentation in the Applied AI Room about a specific customer case that uses artificial intelligence to improve efficiency.

In this presentation, we will give insights on the advantages of turning data into intelligent action and we will tell you if and how machine learning can help you improve your customer’s efficiency. We live in a world where your efficiency and revenue depend on your customers’ efficiency. We’ll see how the concepts of Data Mining & Machine Learning can be applied and we’ll illustrate this with a specific case in the European train freight industry.

When? Tuesday Feb 27th, 2018 from 9:00 - 18:15 - Alain's presentation will be at 16:00.
Where? AED Studios Lint - Fabriekstraat 38, 2547 Lint