Transform your data into intelligent actions

Transform data into intelligent actions by connecting data, analyzing it, predicting events and automate actions. Businesses have been gathering data for a while but don’t get the most out of it. It’s about what we do with this gathered data and the value we give to it. There is a need to turn big data into smart data.

Although certain business processes have proven their use in the past, there is always a need for higher operation efficiency and this can be reached by taking advantage of the IOT ecosystem. Our mission is to give the best business advice and help our customers to predict outcomes, prescribe actions, and automate decisions by applying the right digital solution. You want to be able to anticipate more accurately the next steps of a certain action and reduce risks. Actionable insights and smart solutions help you increase revenue, work more efficiently and offer a better service to your clients. Innovative business models are the answer to those needs.

Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite is suitable for multiple purposes and contexts and can be used as a fully managed big data and advanced analytics suite. Cortana Intelligence is flexible and can be scaled to your needs. It is a powerful solution that transforms big data into intelligent action, helps you predict future actions and grow closer to your customers.

SII Belgium has developed a certain work method when it comes to assisting businesses in applying smart solutions. We assist you in this process wherever your maturity level in this domain is.

What are the benefits of working with smart solutions?

  • Create new business models, hence additional revenue
  • The production will improve significantly
  • Predicting B2B & B2C customer behavior to obtain a higher customer retention rate
  • Increase of revenue and conversion ratio by an improved customer insight
  • Efficient use of assets (smart buildings), planning and resources by offering predictive analytics
  • Reduce risks with predictions based on data from the past
  • Improve marketing efficiency
  • Enhance service to customers.

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